Kidney Dialysis in Pune

Dialysis Charity At Maya charitable foundation

What is Kidney Dialysis ?

Normally, the kidneys filter the blood, removing harmful waste products and excess fluid and turning these into urine to be passed out of the body.

When the kidneys stop working properly, Dialysis is used to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood. It often involves diverting blood to a machine to be cleaned.

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Image showing patients receiving kidney dialysis treatment at Maya Charitable Foundation in Pune.

Why do we need dialysis ?

If your kidneys are not working properly – for example, because you have advanced chronic kidney disease (kidney failure) – the kidneys may not be able to clean the blood properly.

Waste products and fluid can build up to dangerous levels in your body. Left untreated, this can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms and eventually be fatal.

Dialysis filters out unwanted substances and fluids from the blood before this happens.

How long will we need dialysis ?

It depends. In some cases, kidney failure may be a temporary problem and dialysis can be stopped when your kidneys recover.

But often, someone with kidney failure will need a kidney transplant.

It’s not always possible to carry out a kidney transplant straight away, so dialysis may be needed until a suitable donor kidney becomes available.

If a kidney transplant is not suitable for you – for example, because you’re not well enough to have a major operation – dialysis may be needed for the rest of your life.

Must Know Information ?


•No. of Machine - 11
•R O Plant of 1000 LPH
•Area - 2500 sq. ft.
•Highest Quality of Consumables
•Decent interior with quality beds, AC & other equipments
•24×7 power backup

No. of Dialysis per day

Center timing is from morning 8.00 am to 10.00 pm conducting 3 dialysis per machines in 3 shifts. This leads us to do 500 to 600 dialysis per month.


• Visiting Nephrologist
• Senior Technician
• Junior Technicians
• Nursing Staff
• Housekeeping Staff
• Receptionist
• Accountant

Infrastructure Running Cost

Our basic expense for each dialysis would be approx Rs. 1,000/- per session. We will be deficit of Rs. 700/- per dialysis session and this deficit will be met through Donations.

The General rate per Dialysis varies from Rs. 1,500 – 2,800 i.e he needs to spend Rs. 2,34,000 – 4,36,800 annually only on Dialysis
We will be providing them Dialysis @ Rs. 300 which means he saves Rs. 1,87,200 – 3,74,000 annually.