About Maya Charitable Foundation

Top Charitable Dialysis Center in Pune

MAYA Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 that was founded in 2010. The objective of the foundation is to establish hospitals and clinics to provide primary health care solutions and medical services including health diagnosis services, critical and non-critical operations, and care at concessional rates to the needy. Moreover, it also intends to provide primary medical facilities to all needy people at their doorsteps.

A group of medical professionals providing dialysis treatment to a patient at Maya Charitable Foundation in Pune.

Maya Charitable Foundation is a charitable dialysis center in Pune, that provides free dialysis for poor people at Maya Charitable Foundation PCMC.  At MCF dialysis provides free-of-cost service to those in need who can’t afford hospital expenses.

Maya Charitable Foundation provides dialysis to those poor people who are unable to start dialysis due to their financial condition. Dialysis is an extremely expensive affair. Many people cannot afford the continuous, sometimes life-long expense of dialysis. Some people simply give up and die. Dialysis is also beyond the means of many. Under the circumstances, through the Maya Charitable Foundation.

Maya Charitable Foundation is a top charitable dialysis center in Pune. They conduct many camps, like:

  • Mata Ki Chowky
  • Agarwal Ekta Rally
  • Sadbhavna Yatra
  • Warkari Seva
  • Free Treatment
  • Maya Clinic
  • Blood Donation Camp

For free dialysis, visit the Maya Charitable Dialysis Center in Pune.