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Mata Ki Chowky

MAYA was launched with this Biggest gathering of 5,000 numbers

Agarwal Ekta Rally

From 2010 to 2015, to unite different Agarwal Samaj to work for the betterment of society

Sadbhavna Yatra

History was created by taking 1000 Agarwal to Ahgroha & Vishnu Devi in special train

Warkari Seva

Food & Medical treatment for 20,000 Warkaris at Valhe from 17 years

Image showing a group of medical professionals conducting dialysis treatment at the Maya Charitable Foundation in Pune.
Dialysis Centre
Image of a patient undergoing kidney dialysis at Maya Charitable Foundation in Pune.

Best Dialysis Center in Pune

Who We Are ?

MAYA Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 that was founded in 2010. The objective of the foundation is to establish hospitals and clinics to provide primary health care solutions and medical services, including health diagnosis services, critical and non-critical operations, and care at concessional rates to the needy. Moreover, it also intends to provide primary medical facilities to all needy people at their doorsteps. The Maya Charitable  Foundation is the best dialysis center in Pune.

A photo of Late Shri. Yogesh Agarwal, founder president of Maya Charitable Foundation, smiling warmly.
In the memory of beloved...

Late Shri. Yogesh Agarwal

small step towards Dream of our Founder President


Inspired by the message by Maharaja Agrasen, a group of like-minded Agarwals have come together to form MAYA...

Who Is Team Maya?

Team MAYA is a synergy of young, enthusiastic, capable and disciplined businessmen eager to serve society...


To enable people on dialysis leading to long, happy and productive lives


To provide quality dialysis at affordable prices by using standardized protocols, continuous training & focused on innovation